Sanders Tax Service

Sanders Tax Service

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  • W-2's

  • Mortgage interest/property tax statements (form 1098)

  • 1099's (R-retirement fund, INT-interest income, DIV-dividends, MISC-miscellaneous, G-government/unemployment, SSA-social security statement, B-stock sales (need cost basis))

  • Copy of vehicle registration(s) - only if itemizing

  • Bank information-Routing# and Account #

  • HSA-health savings account

  • K-1's-corporations

  • W-2G-gambling income

  • Tuition statements or interest on tuition (form 1098-T)

  • Childcare information-Name of caregiver, SSN/EIN, address and amount paid

  • Copy of health insurance card (both sides)

  • Marketplace or Exchange health insurance policy #

Information needed but NOT the paperwork/receipts:

  • Donations-need totals (cash and goods separated)
  • Medical insurance paid (outside of payroll deduction and medicare on your SSA statement
  • Long term care insurance
  • Medical bills/prescriptions (out-of-pocket)
  • Medical miles
  • IRA contributions